Who We Are

Our Company

Isolas is a unique place in the world. We are called Isolas because we begin in Sardinia, the island in the centre of the Mediterranean, and we present ourselves to the whole world, with a unique collection of the best agricultural and food products made in the uncontaminated nature of the island. Our suppliers, are local companies integrated in the territory, which produce typical excellences used in the best culinary traditions of the Mediterranean.

We are called Isolas because within this large island there are many small miniature islands, represented by the countless local food realities, made of fertile land, passion for work, precious raw materials, unique microclimates, landscapes to discover and tastes to enjoy.

Isolas, this is the right place to bring home a unique food and wine experience for the first time within everyone’s reach. The products you will find on Isolas, are the result of an intense research of the best excellences that have contributed to make Sardinia and its culinary traditions an essential part of the elements that make up the Mediterranean diet and make this island, at the centre of the Mediterranean, one of the five places in the world where the greatest concentration of centenarians resides in what researchers Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain call the Blue Zone.